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Taipei Zoo


【Activity】A Jaunt of Taipei Gondola and Zoo - Lantern Riddles Guessing

A Jaunt of Taipei Gondola and Zoo - Lantern Riddles Guessing

  • Hosts:Taipei Zoo, Taipei Maokong Gondola), Chin-Nan Temple, SVW( Save Vietnam's Wildlife)
  • Time Duration:2019/2/12-2/24
  • Venue:Taipei Zoo, Taipei Maokong Gondola stations.
  • Anticipated benefit:
    1. ​​Celebrating the World Pangolin Day and promote the awareness and knowledge of pangolin conservation.
    2. Encourage people to have a jaunt to Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondola.
    3. Foreigners can experience the Chinese lantern festival culture through the interesting events.
    4. Build the good cooperation relationship between zoo conservation partners.
  • Rules:
    1. ​​Go to the locations of hanging Lantern riddles at Zoo shuttle station, Mankong Gondola.
    2. Use mobile to scan the QR code and find the “Riddle game guessing” screen on the webpage.
    3. Follow the QA clues and fill in the page. (Chinese and English edition can be chosen.)
    4. If press wrong option, the screen will show “Sorry! Please try again! If press the right answer option, the screen will show “ Yes! You got it!”.
    5. If you all pass, the mobile phone screen will show “Congratulations!! You got all correctly!” answer result webpage. You can go to Taipei Zoo in formation center to exchange the souvenirs.
  • Notice:
    1. ​​Taipei Zoo is open from 9:00 to 16:00. On holidays are open from 08:30 to 16:00.
    2. Please buy the ticket as long as you enter Taipei Zoo.
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