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2022【Night safari】 Program schedule for summer Saturday nights


2022 Program schedule for summer Saturday nights 
Date 9-Jul 16-Jul 23-Jul 30-Jul 6-Aug 13-Aug 20-Aug 27-Aug
Theme animal Giant panda Cotton-top tamarin Leopard cat Gorilla Black-footed penguin Malayan tapir Chinese crocodile lizard Siebold's dragonfly
16:55-17:15 7-11 Open mascot show Encourage conservation education
17:15-17:30 Animal Dance - Part 1
17:30-18:15 【Animal Parenting Methods】 Challenges
Nurture masters Sweet burden Predator ninja Helping hand Egg protector Listen and position Cherish the treasure Cunning spawn
18:15-18:45 Tianchuang Entertainment Studio Dolce Music Wenshan music Dolce Music Dolce Music Tianchuang Entertainment Studio Erhu and guitar, great partners Wenshan music
Graffiti double performance Cotton-top Colombiana  Ukulele&guitar 6+4 Gorilla Groove Penguin Palooza Fingertips dance - Hand shadow animals Chinese crocodile lizards come as companion Ukulele&guitar 6+4
18:45-19:00 Animal Dance - Part 2
19:00-19:30 Ancient and modern - Animals tell stories
Please, Mr. Panda Monkey fishing for the moon Feline mythical beasts in antiquities Gorilla digs booger Penguin gymnastics Different spots: The magical camouflage of the Malayan tapir Bronze and the myth of the Chinese dragon Small dragonflies grow fast
19:30-20:30 International ecological conservation film
Wild screen Film Festival National Geographic Channel Wild screen Film Festival
The Last Animals Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family - South America Dynasties: Tigers She Walks with Apes Disneynature Penguins Nigh Hunters: Taiwan Grass Owls Pangolins: The World's Most Wanted Animals Peng Yu Sai
  • Saturday nights program: If the event cannot be carried out for some reason, the organizer reserves the right to modify, change or suspend the event. For unsettled affairs, the information shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations or explanations of the organizer, and supplementary announcements may be made at any time.

【Keeper's Talk】
yes Anyone who listensKeeper's Talkcompletely, will get the animal badge of the week.
  1. Please get to the designated location
  2. The staff will provide animal badges with the theme of the week after the Keeper's Talk is over. Please follow the instructions of the staff and thanks for your cooperation.
  3. Those who have participated in the 8-week【Keeper's Talk】, show your animal badges of the first 7 weeks after 8/27 Keeper's Talk. You will be given a limited-edition gift.
Keeper’s Talk Program
Date Location Protagonist animal Time
Giant panda house entrance
(Relocated to Education Center 1F in case of rain)
Giant panda 19:00-19:15
16-Jul In front of Pangolin dome Cotton-top tamarin 19:00-19:15
23-Jul Formosan Animal Area
(In front of Eurasian otter exhibition)
(Relocated to Education Center 1F in case of rain)
Leopard cat 19:00-19:15
30-Jul African Animal Area
(In front of African elephant exhibition) 
(Relocated to the shelter to the left side of the African elephant exhibition in case of rain)
Gorilla 19:00-19:15
6-Aug Education Center 1F Black-footed penguin 19:00-19:15
13-Aug In front of Pangolin Dome Malayan tapir 19:00-19:15
20-Aug Amphibian and Reptile house entrance
(Relocated to Reptile Hall Special Exhibition Room in case of rain)
Chinese crocodile lizard 19:00-19:15
27-Aug In front of Insectarium
(Relocated to Insectarium 2F, Formosan Insect Area)
Siebold's dragonfly 19:00-19:15
【Green Conservation Market】:
  • Time: During summer-nights event, every Saturday 16:00 – 20:00
  • Details: Animal DIY, parent-child conservation educational activities, get to know the week's animals and environmental issues, various products for sale.
Green Conservation MarketActivity:
  • Time: 16:00-20:00
    • Step 1: Go to the service counter booth (facing the 1st tent on the left side of the stage) and request a stamp card.
    • Step 2: Choose from 5 different education stations on the site to get stamps.
    • Step 3: Those who have a complete card with all stamps can go to the service counter booth to redeem a participation prize.
  • Participation price: Environmentally-friendly soap bar (limited to 300 units per week). Different animal patterns will be launched each week, you can DIY your soap stamp, one person can only redeem once)

  • Night opening hours: Extended opening hours to 21:00 every Saturday.
    • July: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
    • August: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  
  • All tickets cost 30 NT!
    • Ticketing time: 16:00-20:00 (EasyCard accepted)
    • How to enter: After 16:00, please enter via the main entrance (during our night opening period, Maokong Gondola south station will be suspended and ticket sales to enter the park will stop at 16:00)
    • Education center and tourist train: Free from 16:30
  • 【Nightime open pavilions】
    • Panda house - Open until 18:10
    • Amphibian and Reptile House (Last entry at 20:45)
    • Education Center (Last entry at 20:30)
    • Insectarium (Last entry at 20:30)
    • Koala House
    • Formosan Animal Area
    • Children's Zoo
    • The main trail starts from the main entrance and ends in front of the ramp entrance of the Temperate Zone Animal Area  
  • Night routes​:
  1. To and from Terminal and Bird World stations; no stops in between:
    • 「Terminal station → Bird World station」Last bus 20:30
    • 「Bird World station → Terminal station」Last bus 21:00
  2. To and from Bird World and South stations
    • 「Bird World station → South station」Last bus 16:40
    • 「South station → Bird World station」Last bus 16:00  
  • You are free to move around the main trail (main entrance → in front of the ramp entrance of the Temperate Zone Animal Area). Please do not enter unopened animal display area.
  • Zoo staff will clear the unopened areas from 17:00. Please cooperate by moving to the main trail/open area at night.
  • Zoo staff will clear all open areas from 21:00.
  • During night opening period, stores have extended business hours:
  1. Stores around the main entrance are open until 21:00.
  2. Main entrance stroller/wheelchair rental shop opens until 21:00 (rent until 20:00 on the same day).
  3. Bird World Station stroller/wheelchair rental shop opens until 20:30 (rent until 20:00 on the same day).
  4. Frog House (Amphibian and Reptile House) is open until 20:30
  5. Insect shop (Insectarium) is open until 20:30
  6. The main trail sales stations (camel and hippo shops) open 18:00
  7. Stores in Shin Kong Special Exhibition Hall (Panda House) open until 18:10

  •  Notes:
  1. There are many mosquitoes in natural wild areas at night. Remember to wear long-sleeved clothes and apply mosquito repellent when entering the zoo to avoid mosquito bites.
  2. For your safety, please do not enter the unopened areas without authorization.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in the zoo; offenders may be fined up to 10,000 NTD.
  4. Bicycles, pets, and inflatable balloons are not allowed inside the zoo. The use of tricycles, skateboards and inline wheels is prohibited.
  5. Please do not feed the animals, keep them safe.
  6. In order to prevent the animals from being frightened and/or injured, do not chase or throw objects at them.
  7. Other acts that endanger animal rights or conservations are prohibited.
  8. It is forbidden to violate other tourists' visiting quality and rights.