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Taipei Zoo


【Workshop】2016 Megavertebrates Anesthesia Workshop

We are honored to have Drs. Peter Buss, Michele Miller and Jeff Ko as keynote speakers for the“2016 Megavertebrate Anesthesia Workshop” in Taiwan. The topics of lectures will cover chemical restraint, analgesia, and immobilization of megavertebrates, as well as current status of infectious diseases in these animals. Lecture in the morning of Sep. 1st will be given by three speakers in the Taipei Zoo, and the show-and-tell sessions on Sep. 2nd will be held at the Leofoo village theme park.

  • The practice program includes rare training on anesthesia technique of wild animals, with finest lecturers and contents.
  • We are pleased to welcome you to sign up and join our activity.
    • Organizer: Taipei Zoo, LeoFoo Village Theme Park
    • Sponsor:South East Asian Zoos Association(SEAZA)
    • Date:August 31st to September 2nd.
    • Location:Aug. 31st to Sep. 1st, Taipeizoo;Sep. 2nd LeoFoo Village Theme Park
    • Participant:
      1. Veterinary practice and training program of Taipei Zoo will be held on 9/1, 2016. In order to guarantee the safety and quality of the participants, only 20 licensed veterinarian will be accepted.
      2. Veterinary practice and training program of LeoFoo Village Theme Park will be held on 9/2, 2016. Due to the restriction of space, only 5 licensed veterinarian will be accepted.
    • Registration Date:Jun. 27 from to Jul. 20, 2016.
    • Please return the attached registration form to:joyce@zoo.gov.tw Dr. Chia - Heng Chung.
    • Telephone number for support and service:+886 2 29382300 ext 706.