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Zoo Services

  • Art editor Img Guide to Taipei Zoo: brochures are available to the public at the main entrance.
  • Art editor Img Tourist Information Center: on the right of the main entrance. Service: broadcast, nursery, hot water, wheelchair & baby stroller renting, and other services.
  • Art editor Img Tour Booking by "Taipei Zoo Guided Tour Application Form" :
    1. Art editor Img Please apply for the “Taipei Zoo Guided Tour” 10 days in advance.
    2. Art editor Img Each guided tour will serve a group of least 20 people. Students from elementary schools or higher levels as well as adults are eligible to apply.
    3. Art editor Img If you have any questions regarding the application form, please contact: (02)29382300 ext. 526 or ext. 527.

You are not allowed to

  • Art editor Img Bring pets into the park.
  • Art editor Img Ride bicycles or rollerblades in the park.
  • Art editor Img Climb fences and enter enclosures.
  • Art editor Img Feed the animals.
  • Art editor Img Smoke.