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Taking Europe by Storm – Chinese Pangolins Tou-Fen and Gui-Shan

Europe buzzed with excitement on September 1, 2009, as Taipei Zoo’s female Chinese Pangolin Gui-Shan arrived at the Zoo Leipzig. She was to be paired with Tou-Fen, who’s been living in Germany since 2007. This was the second Chinese Pangolin given by the Taipei Zoo, and throughout the entire Europe continent Pangolins may only been seen at the Zoo Leipzig thus far.

Taipei Zoo, after years of extensive rescue and research efforts, not only developed a unique diet for the Chinese Pangolins ensuring the successful caretaking of these animals, it even exchanged this recipe and the care technology to the Leipzig Zoo as well. This way the Chinese Pangolins could excel in their role of Conservation Ambassadors from Taiwan in Germany, and winning over a greater number of people to the adoption of pangolins and to help supporting the conservation work of these animals.

Since its arrival more than one year ago, Tou-Fen has gradually adjusted to living in Germany, as well as the husbandry and veterinary care of the keepers there. As Tou-Fen has kept his routine and activities according to Taiwan’s timetable, in spite that Germany is six hours later in time difference, many more tourists were privileged to see him soon after noon time. This act has inspired tremendous interest and attention. Now with the arrival of female Chinese Pangolin Gui-Shan, hopefully she and Tou-Fen will start a family and set their roots in Germany, so that the general European public will have the opportunity to meet and learn more about this species.