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Have Fun at the Zoo – Start by Watching the Film Clip Online

Beginning immediately we recommended all of our friends of the Taipei Zoo that you first watch the guide film (available in both Chinese and English versions) online at http://www.zoo.gov.tw/guide.shtm, do a little homework, and map out your designations before coming, so you can maximize your enjoyment at the Zoo. And don’t forget, the Panda House (Xinguang Special Exhibit House) is closed on the first Monday of each month.

This online video clip not only introduces the Zoo and contains real images of absolutely adorable wild animals, it also has animations explaining in detail about what type of a facility the zoo is, bio-geographical characteristics, planned exhibition houses and observation areas, as well as representative species. This film, which comes in two language versions – Chinese and English, is an ideal teaching material instructors and tour guides can use, letting your pupils and tourists meet the Zoo online first.