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An Insect Winter – Taipei Zoo Insectarium

One is surrounded by fluttering butterflies all-year-round at the Insectarium. So as to offer a more comfortable visiting experience, many changes have to be made to the layout. And for “Disable Accessibility Improvement Project,” the exhibit of the Big Screen House will be closed from November 11, 2010 to January 28, 2011.

Dubbed the “Kingdom of Butterflies”, Taiwan is home to more than 400 butterfly species and of which 50-plus are found exclusively here on the island. Butterfly specimens was exported since Japanese Occupation time. In 1918, the Japanese opened the first nationwide butterfly processing plant in Puli. And in 1950-1970s, the trading in winged insects reached the peak. But then dramatically declined in butterfly quantities after 1960s due to excessive economic developments. After the habitat destruction in 1970s, the dwindling butterfly processing industry in Puli relocated southward, which made the area gradually reemerged as butterfly sanctuaries (parks) or eco-farms.

Taipei Zoo’s Insectarium is ranked top-20 globally. One see butterflies twelve months out of the year, even chilly wintry months are no exception. Visitors can lunch with leaf-like leaf butterflies, take up-close photos with black-spotted large tree nymphs, and get a good look of purple butterflies as well as tiger butterflies.

The Insectarium will be closing its Big Screen House and the Insect Valley from November 8 to January 28 for "Disable Accessibility Improvement Project." However the Small Screen House and the Special Exhibit Room will remain open. Those of you butterfly enthusiasts don’t miss your chance to spend winter with these beautiful insects!