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“Walk into the mountainous islands and explore the Hynobius formosanus” Researchers present the true portrayal of Hynobius formosanus in the documentary at the opening of the special exhibition.

A year-long special exhibition featuring the Hynobius formosanus, a protected species in Taiwan's mountainous areas, will debut at the zoo in 2024. The exhibition introduces this mysterious species, which has experienced 'discontinuous distribution' across Taiwan's high mountains since the glacial period due to climate changes. Visitors are invited to explore this enchanting high-mountain island, and delve into the story of the Hynobius formosanus.

Jointly organized by the Taipei Zoo, National Parks of the Ministry of the Interior, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Taiwan Biodiversity Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, and National Taiwan University, this special exhibition introduces five endemic species of salamander in Taiwan. This exhibition showcases numerous precious image data and painstaking research results that have been accumulated over the years through the dedication and perseverance of researchers. Special thanks to the research teams who have generously shared their time and passion.