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Taipei Zoo Offers Lovebirds Special Qixi Tour Package

Taipei Zoo is a great place for couples to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day (also known as Qixi Festival). According to Director Jason Yeh, couples can use a newly-released “Zoo Dating Map” to visit recommended dating spots in the zoo’s premise. The zoo has also set up a special Qixi Festival Blog and is asking the public to share photographs of “animals in love”. In addition, couples can also sign up for a Chinese Valentine’s Day tour package on the night of Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The details of the Qixi-related events are as follows:

Zoo Dating Map
The map (in Chinese only) is available for download at the event website (http://www.zoo.gov.tw/love/) and contains recommended “romantic” locations (complete with on-site pictures) for people who are looking for ideal dating spots inside the park.

Photograph/Text Solicitation
Individuals are welcome to send pictures based on the theme “animals in love” to the following email address before 5 PM on August 21: show@zoo.gov.tw.

The photos submitted should fulfill the following criteria:

- JPG format (600X400 pixels)
- Landscape (horizontal) position
- Include contributor’s name, email, and description of the photo (no more than 50 words)

The zoo’s staff will post the submissions on the Qixi Festival blog’s photo gallery.

Chinese Valentine’s Day Tour:
Date: August 15 and 16
Time: 7PM – 8:30PM

Price: NT$999 (per couple)

The special package comes with a tour on zoo cart with stopovers at selected location in the zoo, as well as a Chinese Valentine’s Day dinner at the Giant Panda House’s Shishang Restaurant. Each dinner session has a seating for 15 couples (30 people). Participants should book their table by calling 0800-268-268 before 6 PM on August 13, or make reservations directly at the service counter of the restaurant. Couples will also receive plush toy souvenirs as a part of the package.

For more information about the Qixi events, please visit the Chinese activity website at: http://www.zoo.gov.tw/love/