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February 21th, the World Pangolin's Day!

Welcome to Taipei Zoo! I am Baby Pangolin, Chiung-Wu, your Pangolin Guide today. Let me introduce to you things about pangolins at Taipei Zoo.


I was born on September 30, 2014. Because my mother could not feed me by herself, the zookeepers began to take care of me. Meanwhile, the zookeepers, vets, and researchers put a lot effort in taking care of pangolins, as well as related researches, conservation projects and education programs. The daily care includes weighing, meal preparation, defecate stimulation, termite collection and sometimes blood collection or medical treatments.


In order to raise people’s awareness on pangolin conservation, there are various exhibitions at Taipei Zoo. Limpid cave, behavior enrichment, interesting interpretation boards, pangolin model and you can watch the Pangolins sleeping!!


Pangolin was also the symbol of Taipei Zoo's 100th anniversary. Hope you have learn more about Taipei Zoo's Pangolin Conservation Projects today! We had celebrated the World Pangolin's Day on February 21th, 2015. Based on the principle of "One Plan Approach," we hope this information engages more people in noticing the importance of wildlife conservation. You may find out more pangolin information on IUCN-SSC PangolinSG at http://www.pangolinsg.org.