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Meet Indigenous Animals from Animal Pop Himself

Beginning April 19, 2009, the Taipei Zoo will conduct a guided event titled “Animal Pop Takes You to the Zoo” on the morning of the third Sunday of the month, and Zoo director Jason Yeh will personally explain the beauty of Taiwan’s indigenous animals to the attending public. Reservation for this free event is available online starting immediately.

Director Yeh pointed out that there is another promotional event intended to improve the public’s understanding about the native animals and to enhance their awareness for the conservation and protection of natural ecology, addition to arrays of educational narrations titled “Go to the Zoo and Talk Conservation with Animal Pop Jason Yeh!” You guessed it; the grand patriarch will guide you to tour about the Formosan Animal Area himself along with knowledgeable keepers and volunteers. Attendance is limited to 30 per tour, so sign up now. Download related activity information from http://www.zoo.gov.tw