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Lion Ben, Lionness and Lionna were selected for the Taipei Zoo “Name the Lion Cubs Competition”

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin announced today the names Lion Ben, Lionness and Lionna were winners in the Taipei Zoo “Name the Lion Cubs Competition”.

3 lion cubs, a male and two females, were born on July 24, 2009. The male cub has a black spot on his right cheek and already weighed over 20 kilos; of the two female cubs, one has a light color mane and the other darker, weighing 17 kilos and 18 kilos respectively. The lively and explorative cubs can be seen with their mom at the exhibition.

The Taipei Zoo specially held the lion cub naming competition in hope that through this experience, more people will come together and care for the animals. There were 691 entries in the first phase, 6 set of names were selected and put to elect by ballot online during the second phase, of which 1112 people participated.

The highest number of votes goes to Lion Ben, Lionness and Lionna provided by Ms. Xin-Yi Chiu. “Lai-en” is the Chinese transliteration for lion, and ness and na were used because they are the common ending to foreign female names. Ben was used as it sounds like “spot” in Chinese. All three names are easy to remember and pronounce!