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Say Hello to "Beauty" and "Beast": Wolves from Moscow

On March 22nd, 2012, our new friends from Moscow: "Beauty" and "Beast" made their debut at the Temperate Zone Animal Area of Taipei Zoo.

These two wolves came from Moscow Zoo, which has been an animal exchange partner of Taipei Zoo since 1993. After the quarantine, the wolves have now adapted to the environment and zoo keepers in Taipei Zoo.

Beauty (female) and Beast (male) curiously explored their new home after they arrived. Beauty adapted quickly to her new home. In contrast, Beast is more sensitive to noises, and hides from people.

In order to help Beauty and Beast to gradually get used to their new home and feel comfortable moving around and resting, we kindly ask that you lower your voices when visiting them, to avoid scaring them.


Common name: Wolf
Scientific name: Canis lupus
Classification: Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Canidae
Distribution: Asia, Europe and North America
Conservation status: CITES Appendix II
Diet: Carnivorous
Behavior: Highly social with a strong hierarchy. They have excellent vision, olfaction and hearing. They use body language, facial expressions, scent and vocalizations to communicate with each other.