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Taipei Zoo Organizational Structure

Taipei Zoo Organizational Structure Director  Deputy Director  Secretary  Research Officer  Associate Research Officer  Executive Officer  Animal Section  Environmental Maintenance Section  Education Section  Visitor Services Section  Veterinary Office  Mechanical and Electrical Office  General Affairs Office  Accounting Office  Personnel Office  Government Ethics Office

Director: oversees the zoo management.
Deputy Director: supports the Director in zoo management.
Secretary: official document review, assisting the Director and Deputy Director in zoo managing.
Animal Section: animal acquisition, conservation, and management, as well as exhibit planning.
Environmental Maintenance Section: maintenance, greening, gardening, pollution control, and research.
Education Section: social education activities, guided tours, maintenance of guide facilities, school field trip assistance, and research.
Visitor Services Section: visitor recreation, transportation, services, safety maintenance, and management.
Veterinary Office: animal medical treatment, health care, quarantine, examinations, and research.
Mechanical and Electrical Office: maintenance of the electricity system and air conditioning, lighting, communication, electrical equipment, as well as mechanical system.
General Affairs Office: management of documents and official seals, cashier, routine and financial affairs, repair and maintenance of facilities, and others.
Accounting Office: budget, accounting, and statistics.
Personnel Office: personnel management.
Government Ethics Office: administrative ethics.