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Taipei Zoo’s gorilla group has welcomed the second gorilla baby to their family. Jabali becomes a big brother.

Gorilla Iriki gave birth in the small hours of May 28, with her and the infant both safe and sound. We are expecting to watch two gorilla babies playing together soon.
For gorillas, mating gestures spice things up in a relationship, akin to humans developing intimacy in their relationships. After Tayari, Iriki, and D’jeeco are housed together in the exhibit, their sexual behavior is often observed, and zookeepers keep monitoring if a female gorilla is pregnant.
In late May, zookeepers found Iriki had protruded nipples, swollen breasts while baby dropping happened. On May 27 evening, back indoors, Iriki had a loss of appetite and spent more time lying or crouching. Also, her waters broke. So, zookeepers stayed overnight beside her and confirmed that Iriki delivered a baby at 1:52 am on May 28.