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All About Bovidae – The Special Exhibit 2009

This year is the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese lunar calendar, and the Taipei Zoo has launched an “All About Bovidae – the Special Exhibit 2009” as a tie-in. Zoo director Jason Yeh stated that the Bovidae is a very big family, whose members not only include the domestic cattle, water buffalo, and the dairy cattle, a few species that you and I both are very familiar with, it also includes the likes of goat and sheep, and the wild oryx and antelopes too.

This “All About Bovidae – the Special Exhibit 2009” has on display the classification, distribution and evolution of the bovidae, species’ food habits and morphologies, structures and reproductions, behaviors, as well as their relationships with man. There is also a separate section about the Bovidae at the Taipei Zoo too. The public can see specimens of the animals belonging to this family, observe the structures of their head bones and toes up-close, play fun games to learn recognizing the different hoof prints, and trying to guess “who does this pair of horn/antlers belong to” as well.