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The Zoo’s Cattle Family

The bovidae living inside the Taipei Zoo is one big cattle family. The family comprises of Taiwan’s one-and-only endemic bovine species – the Formosan Serow, a rare and valuable protected species that can leap an amazing two meters high, and run at a speed of 20 km per hour. The Formosan Serow is dubbed having the “lightest feet” out of all the mammals in Taiwan.

Inside the Children’s Zoo area, there are aurochs, water buffalos and goats, the farming animals critical to the civilians.

Inside the African Animal Area is where the mainstream bovids are located, for example, the Roan Antelope, Eland, Arabian Oryx, Bongo, Barbary Sheep, and the Impala are all animals living in Africa.

The lone bovid at the Temperate Zone Animal Area is the American Bison, an animal produced through a reproductive cooperation with Kaohsiung.

All is welcome to visit these Bovids that came from around the world to the Taipei Zoo.