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“Always Open” for Rescue and Treatment Work – Wild Releases of Pangolin and Formosan Ferret-Badger

Ever since the Zoo has been established, whenever anyone finds an injured animal, the first place comes to his/her mind is the Taipei Zoo, which is why the medical treatment and rescue work of wild animals are “always open” at the Taipei Zoo all year round.

One graduate student found an adult male Formosan Ferret-Badger while doing research at the Yangmingshan National Park back in December 2008, and dubbed it “Yangmingshan”. There weren’t any external wounds found on the body when Yangmingshan first came, albeit its head was shaking constantly. After a period of attentive nursing and caring, Yangmingshan gained a lot of weight and no longer shake head unstoppably. It was released back to the wild where it was originally found in February.

A male Pangolin was found in December 2008, on Wanshou Road at Muzha, hence its named “Wanshou”. The scales on Wanshou’s back were ripped open at a reverse direction and flared upward, only loosely connected to its skin. It was a good thing that the injured area remained exposed even when the animal curled its body into a ball, thus Dr. Wong Bao-Rong, the attending veterinarian in charge of Wanshou, was able to heal the wound, and released it back to the wild in January on a good-weather day.