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Global Conservation Efforts Move to the Next Level – Tama Zoological Park Secures New Bloodline for Its Captive Black-Faced Spoonbill Community from Taipei

Happy, the male black-faced spoonbill found on a farmland in Yilan with fracture injuries at the end of 2002 who was subsequently transferred to Taipei Zoo for further treatment, has been delivered to Japan’s Tama Zoological Park on January 13, 2010, to help infuse new blood into the park’s captive black-faced spoonbill community.

Jason Yeh, director of Taipei Zoo, stated that the two zoos signed a goodwill action plan in November 2004. Taipei Zoo received a pair of red pandas from Japan for exhibition and educational purposes. In return, Taipei Zoo delivered the rescued black-faced spoonbill to Japan for facilitating Tama’s genetic diversity management. All these are part of coordinated efforts dedicated to wildlife conservation.