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An interspecies friendship between African animals lifts your mood and melts your heart.

A Chapman's zebra, named Ling Long, was found to have left hind legs lameness with luxation and ligament rupture when he was born. Since Ling Long is a female, if she is housed with male zebras and mates with the male, a male zebra mounting on Ling Long when mating may lead to her aggregated leg injuries, in addition to that, her weak hind limbs cannot support the weight.
Considering that zebras are highly social, the zoo decided to let Ling Long live with a giraffe family after careful evaluation. 
It is a delight that Ling Long is well-adapted to live with a giraffe family. In recent days, some visitors photographed Ling Long playing with little giraffes, Mai Zhao and Mai Ya, of the same age. 
One giraffe rubbing its body against another suggests many social purposes, one of which is a sign of friendliness. The other day, the shot of Ling Long and Mai Zhao rubbing and intertwining their necks and heads was luckily captured by visitors.