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Fresh Force to Formosan Black Bear Conservation

Taipei Zoo’s deputy director Dr. Yang Chien-Jen Yang has for a long-time carried out a black bear conservation research under the Animal Adoption program. This time he forged cooperation with Mr. Lee Tung-Cheng of Pingtung, to research in the conservation and reproduction of Formosan black bears, and implemented a breeding program for the black bears under captivity. Good news was reported that an adorable little male bear cub was born on December 30, 2008 as a result.

This particular Formosan black bear cub weighted approximately 200-plus grams at birth. With attentive caring and active mothering from mom, the cub has now grown in size, loves to play, and is a great climber. He is absolutely a fur ball of cuteness. Through a planned observation watch, the Taipei Zoo will document the cub’s growth in full detail, as it is valuable and tremendously important record.

The cub’s birth is a great start for the conservation of Formosan Black Bears, but there are many other important researches just as vital that need everyone’s continuous support as well.