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Offer a well-balanced diet for picky eater Pongidae

It can be challenging to feed fussy Pongidae with a designed formula. Nutritional adequacy, food ingredients, ingredient distribution, and feeding order are all determinants to feeding them. The formula recipe generally consists of four groups: vegetables, fruits, plants, and dry food.
Sweet juicy fruits stimulate Pongidae’s delicate appetite. When group feeding, it is those higher-ranking individuals who have priority of access to fruits, and the lowest-ranking are the last in line for available food. Such food distribution based on their social status in groups causes some individuals to be undernutrition or have bad teeth. They are neither overweight nor underweight. 
Smart Pongidae primarily goes for easy pickings with palatability and sweet and juicy in taste. They eat until they are about 80% full and wait for the next meal. As for vegetables and plants, these less delicious foods are often left aside. Gradually, they develop a picky eating habit. Zookeepers change the proportions of delicious food and must-eat food in their daily diet to help overcome picky eating in Pongidae. As such, each meal enables them to benefit from the food’s nutritional properties and ensure their food enjoyment.