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Cross-Straits Cooperation to Help Giant Pandas

Director Jason Yeh of the Taipei Zoo signed a memorandum about the giant pandas breeding program with Director Zhang Hemin of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) on Friday, May 28 at 10 am. The pact signed at the International Conference Hall of the Panda House was intended to be a professional exchange platform dedicated to boost international cooperation in giant panda conservation efforts.

With Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan well adapted to their new environment and their exhibits opened to the public, Taipei Zoo has since actively conducted conservation and research projects on this species, such as population genetics, behavior ecology, nutrient and caring, medical and health care, and breeding techniques. Giant panda trainers from Ocean Park Hong Kong were also invited to Taipei to give instructions on issues such as medical training. The training allows the veterinarians and keepers to understand the health condition of Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan. Now in order to advance cooperation and exchanges about their breeding techniques, the breeding memorandum was signed with CCRCGP, so as to construct a professional bilateral exchange platform aimed at contributing know-how and wisdom in the conservation efforts of this species, as well as to take part in the experiences and techniques of international cooperation dedicated to the giant panda conservation project, imparting more endangered wildlife conservation issues.

In addition to zoologists and zoo workers to visit each side and share information, this particular memorandum mainly stated cooperation and exchanges in real terms (materials, techniques, facilities and exchanges relative to breeding techniques, and medical care). Witnessed by experts from both sides, a new page was turned through the cooperative model for conservation of the giant pandas with the signing.

A 3 min 7 sec film clip was played during the ceremony, documenting Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan’s departure from Wolong, Sichuan to Taipei, Taiwan. The film also recorded their first outdoors exhibition on February 14, 2009. And includes how the Zoo trained the pandas, which allowing the vets and the keepers to take the pandas’ blood pressure, open wide for oral cavity examination, get injections and do other medical examinations. With the signing of the memorandum by the Taipei Zoo and CCRCGP, broader research cooperation has been reached and a successful giant panda’s reproduction may be look forward to happen next year.