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Saving Formosan Ferret-Badge

Taipei Zoo took in a Formosan ferret-badge (Melogale moschata subaurantiaca) on September 29 that was discovered caught in a trap. The trap had pinned the animal’s right forelimb and the wound had festered. Zoo veterinarians immediately operated and amputated the injured leg, and the animal is currently recovering nicely. Hopefully a mate may be found for it to breed in captivity in the future.

The Rescue Center for Wildlife was established on November 18, 2006. Zoo Director Jason Yeh said ever since the establishment, not only was the Zoo able to perform quarantine works and health check-ups for all the animals coming and going to-and-fro from the zoo, it was also able to provide rescue and medical assistances to other wildlife domestically when necessary as well, extending the service parameter to injured and diseased wild animals outside of the zoo grounds.

The trap that injured the adult male ferret-badge was speculated to have been illegally set up to capture wild boars. Considering the size of the trap, the ferret-badge, which weighed less than two kilograms, was considered extremely fortunate to have survive.

Although this animal is unable to be released into the wild with three limbs remaining, the Zoo is nonetheless hopeful that it can still make a contribution to the ferret-badge population, and will be looking to find a suitable mate for it amongst the ferret-badges in the Zoo.