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Parents Are the Same Everywhere –How Taiwan Blue Magpies Raise Their Young

Every April to July is the breeding season for Taiwan blue magpies. And inside Taipei Zoo’s Temperate Zone Animal Area, there is a special section blocked off designated as the “blue magpie nursery area”. Visitors please cooperate by walking around this area so the blue magpies in resident can raise their young in peace, and you can observe their actions with more ease too.

This has been the fourth year in a row that the Taiwan blue magpies picked our Temperate Zone Animal Area for their nesting place to hatch and raise their young. Their nest is at a location very easily spotted; you can see it with your naked eye, no need for a telescope.

Inside this nest of Taiwan blue magpies, located above the path between the Temperate Zone Animal Area, the African Animal Area, and the Amphibian and Reptile House there are four fledglings. The parents are highly protective, and would ceaselessly chase away other birds that come too close to the nest, same with humans and passing by squirrels too, until the intruder leaves. .