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Animal Training Camp 2009 – Next Lesson for the Giant Pandas: Learn How to Hold Their Breath

Ever since 2003 the Taipei Zoo has been promoting “Animal Medical Training”, a mechanism that is geared for both learning and management. Now in order to enhance the efficacy of this program and to welcome our newest family members – the Giant Pandas, animal behavior and enrichment manager Paul Nai Kwong Ng of Ocean Park Hong Kong, renowned for his training and management of the Giant Pandas, came in person and shared his experiences and gave recommendations from October 3~9, an event made possible under the animal adoption plan.

Although masters already at lying down on their back for abdominal ultrasound and to have their blood drawn, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan still need to learn how to take X-rays without anesthesia and how to hold their breath for the X-rays to come out clearly.

This rare opportunity had keepers piling on the questions with Paul. Questions such as ways for animals to receive care easier, management, as well as medical needs were on the top of their lists. The Taipei Zoo, aside from actively constructing a bilateral trust mechanism between keepers and animals, is enthusiastic at gaining international experiences as well as building human-animal bonds, so the animals under our care may live healthier and happier.