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Giant Pandas Go Outdoors for Some Spring Fun

This is early springtime in Taiwan, and the days’ temperature fluctuates around a comfortable 20 degree Celsius. The Taipei Zoo has decided to take advantage of the early morning hours before it opens to the public, by letting Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan go outside to the outdoor display area of their special exhibit facility, getting use to the environment.

Because Yuan Yuan was more sensitive acclimating to new environments, Tuan Tuan was designated to lead and go outside first. At the beginning, Tuan Tuan went back-and-forth indoor and outdoor constantly, he did not eat any bamboos, nor did he make any scent markings. However, Yuan Yuan begun exploring and marking as soon as it was in the outdoors.

The Panda House includes indoor and outdoor display areas. The indoor display is an area that offers the animals plenty of room for diverse activities; it has bamboos, shrubs, climbing platforms, a combination of rocks and boulders in various sizes, and a pond. The outdoor display area simulates the animals’ natural habitat, and is decorated with shrubs intermittently for an enhanced green appearance. It contains a huge grass field, a combination of rocks and boulders of various sizes and a pond with a waterfall; it provides the animals with plenty of diversification and shady coverage.

Now that the Giant Pandas are allowed to go to the outdoor display area, the door leading to the indoor area will remain open as well; this way Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan can decide for themselves whether they want to go outside and get a sunbath, or stay indoors and be cool and comfortable.