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Coco, the Baby King Penguin

The new-born king penguin, Coco, hatched on September 14, 2010. It has reached 3 months old, and is dressing in fluffy down. This makes it somewhat larger than the parents.

The baby king penguin is 10 kg in weight. It loves to stand in front of the mirror with its family. The baby king penguin will grow new feathers from nine to twelve month old. By then, it will wear its black tuxedo with golden scarf.

Coco is the second-generation king penguin born in Taiwan. When it was young, it always snuggled under parents’ belly. Even after a moment of release, it would still quickly return as encountered the zoo keeper. Now it is too large to hide its body under the parents. It can only stand beside them.

Coco has begun to stay in the display area with the penguin group. Actually, it is getting on well with others. Though Coco has getting older, it is still fed by the parents but not the keepers. It is just the perfect time for those who like to observe how penguins raise their child!