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Small Things in Life, Big Things on Earth – How do We Love Earth? Children Count the Ways

The Taipei Zoo held a national children’s drawing contest entitled “How Do I Love Earth” as celebration of the World Earth day (April 22). Out of the total 489 entries received this year, 78 were selected as winners. All of the judges were deeply impressed by the children’s artworks, not only were the pieces creative and colorful, but most importantly they delineated specific actions and measures we can take to protect the Earth, with ideas such as plant more trees instead of chopping them down, cycle and take mass transport whenever possible, bring-your-own eco-friendly utensils and shopping bags, water plants with water used to wash rice, flush the toilet with water used to wash your hands, enforce garbage sorting, etc… all small things we can do starting with ourselves.

The winning artworks will be on display at the Zoo beginning April 18. Everyone is invited to come to look at the pieces and learn from the ideas inside. Let’s unite and go green together, this way we can all turn the small things in life into big things on Earth!