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Panda Cub’s Personality Takes After Tuan Tuan ~ Nicknamed “Jou Jou” Because of Her Chubbiness

The baby Giant Panda “sister of Yuan Zai” is 24 days-old today. The senior keepers that were involved in hand-rearing her big sister “Yuan Zai” discovered seven years later that the sisters’ have completely different personalities!

The “nursemaids” all agreed that “sister of Yuan Zai” seemed to take after father “Tuan Tuan.” Both seem to have a “Mr. Nice Guy” personality, an even temperament and soft, gentle movements. “Yuan Zai” by comparison was a lot more flamboyant in her movements, yawning, turning over or stretching when nursing. “Sister of Yuan Zai” had the personality of a quiet little girl.

The keepers immediately presented “Yuan Yuan” with a very nutritious maternity meal after she gave birth on June 28th. This ensured plenty of milk was produced every day. “Sister of Yuan Zai” has grown heartily on an exclusive diet of her mother’s milk. Her chubby tummy after nursing is particularly cute so her “nursemaids” have nicknamed her “Jou Jou” (Chinese for “Chubby”).