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Taipei Zoo announced new species of Malayan tapir Putri arrived at Taiwan to breed

The Taipei Zoo is expecting a female Malayan tapir Putri that arrived in Taipei on loan from the Singapore Zoo on October 27 will mate with its male tapir Mosu; further, take a step toward strengthening the gene pool of the zoo’s resident tapirs and improving the sustainability of the ex-situ population. 
All four existing species of tapirs, including mountain tapir, Malayan tapir, Baird’s tapir, and South American tapir, are listed as endangered by IUCN and this is largely due to human activity, habitat loss, and other factors.
Putri is gentle and affectionate. After going through the quarantines, Putri will be taken to the zoo’s Conservation and Research Center. Once the animal is acclimatized to its surroundings and the zookeepers, it will be introduced to meet Mosu, with the hope that the two will hit it off and mate.