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County, City Coordinate Rescue of Endangered Hodgson's Hawk Eagle

After rescue operations and rehabilitation training lasting eighteen months, the Hodgson's hawk eagle found on the verge of death in Wulai with an arrow protruding from its chest, was released into the wilderness at 3 PM on January 25th, 2010. Director General of Forestry Bureau Yen Jen-Teh, Taipei County Magistrate Chou Hsi-wei, Director of Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute Tang Hsiao-yu and Director of Taipei Zoo Jason Yeh served as witnesses at the release ceremony. The release of Taiwan's largest Falconiform raptor marks an important stage in the conservation history.

This particular rescue and release operation was another example of the successful cooperation between central and local governments, as well as a coordinated effort between municipalities, following similar operations with saving a black-faced spoonbill and a red-crowned crane. To continue tracking the change in the Hodgson's hawk eagle population living in the northern region and to obtain complete research data, the bird was outfitted with a radio transmitter prior to release. By doing so, researchers could monitor and record the ecological behaviors of the Hodgson's hawk eagles and their areas of activity. In addition, the data collected would also be used as the basis for the conservation of Hodgson's hawk eagles and the preservation of their natural habitats.