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Chinese Experts Successfully Came to Visit the “Tuan Yuan” Family and Highly Recognized the Conservation of Taipei Zoo.

Mr. Hung-Lin Wu and Mr. Ming Wei from the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base are going back to Wolong, Sichuan soon, they have spent all their past few days working with the medical and healthcare teams of Taipei zoo closely for the “Tuan Yuan” family. Before their departure, they shared with everyone some of their discovery and give the “Tuan Yuan” family their best wishes.


Mr. Hung-Lin Wu and Mr. Ming Wei claimed that the medical condition of Tuan-Tuan is now stabilized because of the treatment by the medical and healthcare team, and they also saw that the other members of the “Tuan Yuan” family, Yuan-Yuan, Yuan-Zai, and Yuan-Bao, are living well under the conservation of Taipei Zoo. They figured that Tuan-Tuan’s eating behaviors, mental state, and walking posture were all improved day by day during their stay, and now Tuan-Tuan can walk normally longer than he used to. However, they still couldn’t find out what caused Tuan-Tuan’s illness despite they have examined and researched almost everything. Their discussion with the medical and healthcare team of Taipei Zoo has come to a conclusion, the medical and healthcare team will continue the same treatment they have been doing and they will change their healthcare plan change their strategy if anything happens.


Mr. Hung-Lin Wu and Mr. Ming Wei started their research and discussion with the team that is in charge of Tuan-Tuan’s condition once they arrived at Taipei Zoo on November 1st, and they also updated what they observed real-time to the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base and discussed what to do with the medical and healthcare team of Taipei Zoo once they have any solution. 


Both Bifengxia Giant Panda Base and Taipei Zoo still can’t figure out what caused Tuan-Tuan’s illness but Tuan-Tuan can no longer take any more anesthesia or invasive test. They concluded that they will gradually slow down the treatment and actively do their research to find the cause of Tuan-Tuan’s illness.


Mr. Hung-Lin Wu and Mr. Ming Wei could see people sending their love and wishes to Tuan-Tuan in all kinds of ways during their stay in Taiwan every day. For example, there’s an area at the exit of Taipei Zoo Giant Panda House available for everyone to leave messages to Tuan-Tuan, we can find positive messages no matter in the Message Area or on all kinds of social media (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube…etc). There are even many fans that came to Taipei Zoo to see Tuan-Tuan and cheer the team members up.


Mr. Hung-Lin Wu and Mr. Ming Wei will leave Taiwan as their plan and they will stay in touch with Taipei Zoo once they got back to China. They stated that if there’s anything that required face-to-face discussion in the future, they will be more than happy to send experts to Taiwan again, and they wished Tuan-Tuan all the best and wish him to get through this as soon as possible.