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Yan-yu Moved to Her New Home in the Children’s Zoo Area

Come and meet our five-month-old bactrian camel! The bactrian camel calf named “Yan-yu” was transferred to the exhibit enclosure in the Children's Zoo Area in September. Yan-yu has been taking animal training courses which are taught by the zoo keepers. She is well-trained and friendly to people. However, the zoo keepers kindly ask visitors not to feed her personally!

The mother bactrian camel, Mei-yan, gave birth to Yan-yu on May 10, 2012. Right after she was born, the keepers and the veterinarians found the newborn calf had a forelimb problem and was unable to stand up by herself; thus, it was decided that the zoo keepers would nurse the calf instead of her mother doing so. Fortunately, after a few months' care and training, Yan-yu is now able to walk by herself from the animal nursery room in the Animal Medical Center to the Children’s Zoo Area.

On the day that Yan-yu moved from the Animal Medical Center to the Children’s Zoo Area, the zoo keepers led the calf by a target stick, which has been used in her daily training. Yan-yu walked all the way on her own feet and even stopped to drink 1800c.c. of milk midway. Yan-yu is now the new neighbor of alpacas and donkeys in the Children's Zoo Area at Taipei Zoo.