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Newborn koala made its debut at Koala House. A male dormitory was close to full.

The Taipei Zoo welcomed a new arrival in Koala House, born as a result of the successful pairing of mother Moana and male koala Wolverine, who was introduced from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia in 2018 after a long wait.

The koala cub will begin practicing independence after one-year-old and then be relocated to the male dormitory in Koala House for future residency. 

Koalas are solitary animals, and males, in particular, are highly territorial. Male koalas are believed to compete for space after reaching sexually mature at the age of two. However, male koalas can live together peacefully if they are born around the same age. Alternatively, as keepers detect no signs of direct conflicts, such as chasing or fighting, male koalas can share the same living spaces.