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Tropical Rainforest Area (Pangolin Dome)

Pangolin Dome, with a display space at 24 m high, takes the environment of the Amazon Basin in South America as the main axis of demonstration to present the biodiversity features and ecological complexity of tropical rainforest. Through high-rise space, the complex ecological fusion of water, forest and tree canopy, you’ll be led to a rainforest to experience multiple structures, to understand the importance of rainforest, and to make further support and participation of rainforest conservation.

The overall coverage of the Tropical Rainforest Area is 15793.32 m2. One of the most eye-catching indoor is “Pangolin Dome” that adopting Formosan Pangolin as the main visual image. Its characteristic of scales covering all over the body is not just a major visual focus on the exterior design, simultaneously, the Dome carries the environmental conservation concepts through the integration of energy efficiency, carbon reduction, solar photovoltaic, rainwater recycling system and air conditioning system.

Taipei Zoo leads the world in the capability of health care and captive breeding of pangolins. There are only eight pangolin species in the world; due to enormous pressure caused by illegal hunting, however, all of them are listed on Appendices I as threatened with extinction species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and they are under critical protection. Formosan Pangolin is also included. Taipei Zoo has contributed to the health care and medical technology of pangolin; also, with in-depth study of basic biology, behavior and reproductive physiology, the captive breeding program has achieved the world’s first successful pangolin, which is expected to play an important role in the pangolin conservation.