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Education Center

The official name for the center is 'Animal Ecology and Dinosaur Museum'. In addition to the exhibits, the zoo library, auditorium and children hand-on museum are also housed in the center. It is a showcase for conservation and education.


The exhibits are composed of taxidermy specimens, views of habitats and ecosystems, and multi-media displays. Currently, six themes are on exhibition.


The topics are as follows:


  •  Asian Animals
  •  Prehistoric Animals
  •  Natural Ecology Conservation
  •  Lin Wang / Asian Elephant Exhibition
  •  Taipei Zoo History


The library holds periodicals, books and other media related to animals and zoos, and is open to the public. Reading classes, special lectures and other special activities are scheduled regularly in the center. The hand-on museum provides children with alternative ways to enjoy nature.


Chinese animal
Prehistoric animal area
Lin Wang Exhibition