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Xinguang Special Exhibit House (Giant Panda House)

The giant pandas are coming to Taipei Zoo's Xinguang Special Exhibit House, the exhibit facility bestowed by the Shin Kong Group to the Association of Friends of Taipei Zoo. The project's design and construction was outsourced, with which the Taipei Zoo was named as the builder by the Taipei City Government. After completion, the exhibit was donated to the Zoological Society of Taipei for operations and management.

The ground floor of the Special Exhibit includes one 765 square meter outdoor display area, and two indoor display areas covering 254 sq. meters and 210 sq. meters each. This design allows the exhibit to easily house at least one pair of Pandas. The outdoor enclosure simulates the animals' natural habitat. It’s spacious and has extra green vegetation covering the floor and background, rocks of a variety of sizes and shapes, a pond with a waterfall, and plenty of climbing structures and shady areas. The comfortable and health-centric indoor enclosures are air conditioned. In the summer, the temperature is set between 24-26 degrees centigrade. In the winter, the temperature system is set to mimic natural ventilation, with air conditioning coming on when the outside temperature hits above 22 degrees centigrade. Humidity is controlled at 70-80% all year round.

Giant Panda Live Webcast

  • Live Webcast: 「天天ㄏㄤ圓仔」Everyday Crazy About Yuan Zai(Chinese)
  • Daily Live Webcasting Time:16:00–17:00 (GMT+8)
  • Channel replay time: Please refer to the channel program below for replay times (Subject to change).
  • Channel description: A random selection of Giant Panda footage is played outside of live stream sessions.
  • Live webcast issues:Please contact the 24-hour toll-free Chunghwa Telecom customer service hotline: