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Brief History of Taipei Zoo: 1914-2014Author: Hsu, Sheng-kai
Publisher: Taipei Zoo
Publication Date: October 2014
Language: English
Price: NT$200 / CD
ISBN: 978-986-04-2531-4 ∕ GPN:4310301907
Specification: E-Book (Disc) / 216 pages / 1st Edition

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1. Government Publications Bookstore Songjiang Store (Chinese website)
2. www.books.com.tw (Chinese website)
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This book briefly records the developmental journey of Taipei Zoo from Yuanshan to Muzha. It has experienced Japanese rule, the hardship during early post-war period, and the turning point during the 1970s, until the present big modernized zoo. In 2014, Taipei Zoo celebrates its centennial anniversary, and relevant historical data, newspapers, and photographs have been collected from this past century, compiled into A Century of Taipei Zoo: 1914~2014. At the same time, to provide a more colloquial and inviting history book of the Zoo for the general public and professionals, A Century of Taipei Zoo: 1914~2014  is quite plain, and along with appropriate pictures. This is a historic reading material suitable for anyone to learn more about the Zoo.

Table of Contents:
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Yuanshan Zoo during the Japanese Period 1914-1945
  • Chapter 2 Yuanshan Zoo during Post-World War II 1945-1986
  • Chapter 3 Modernized Muzha Zoo 1986-2014
  • Summary: The Changes of Taipei Zoo in a Century
  • Appendix I Former Directors of Zoo and Major Staff System
  • Appendix II Number of Animals Reared Over the Years
  • Appendix III Number of Visitors and Ticket Price Over the Years
  • Appendix IV Taipei Zoo Chronology of Events
Introduction of Author:

Sheng-kai Hsu is a doctoral candidate at the Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University.

Major works:
Taihoku Higher School and the Cultivation of the Elites during Japanese Rule (National Taiwan Normal University Press), Biography of Mr. Po-chao Huang: Pilot of Taiwan's Nutritional Research and Pioneer of Taiwan Medical Education Reform (Avanguard Publishing House)