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  • Suggested Route
    • Adults over 60 years old
      • Route1🏃Formosan Animal Area▶Education Center▶Giant Panda House▶Koala House
      • Route2🏃Koala House▶Giant Panda House▶Pangolin Dome▶Tropical Rainforest Area▶African Animal Area🏃Bird World Station🚂Shuttle Train Station
      • Route3🏃Shuttle Train Station🚂Bird World Station🏃Temperate Zone Animal Area▶Penguin House🏃Bird World Station🚂Shuttle Train Station🏃Giant Panda House▶Koala House
  • Reminder
    • Taipei Zoo is very large, going through it all in one visit is hard work; also, there are many animals here, trying to see every exhibition in just one visit is very tiring. We highly recommend you visit more than once, and take your time calmly exploring the zoo, you will enjoy it better this way!
    • After visiting the zoo, we recommend you take the Maokong Gondola🚠to explore Maokong’s🍵rich culture and ecological landscape!