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  • Maokong Gondola🚠Information
  • Maokong Introduction:

    Maokong is an area southwest of Getou Mountain in the Muzha District, on the outskirts of Taipei. Maokong refers to the lands in the valley around the Tea Research Center. One can see potholes in the area's streams, which are the erosional result of swirling sand and gravel. These formations are called "Lokang" (wrinkled hole) in the Taiwanese language. Japanese authorities during the colonial era gave it a similar-sounding name of Maokong. The area's closeness to National Chengchi University led to economic development, as students would often visit in the evening. This helped spur Maokong's very special brand of tea tourism.
    The tea farms here are famous for Bouzhong tea and Taiguan Ing. There are many teahouses with diversified styles. They are good places to visit no matter during day or night. In the daytime, there are tea trees and hills forming green scenery. Many citizens visit the place by taking the mountain tracks. After dusk, Maokong is like an enchanting, mysterious lady. Colorful light bulbs are lit in front of every building. Visitors taste tea, chat with each other and admire the nightfall. Sometimes groups of young people have parties and the laughter brings a touch of vigor to Maokong.

  • Shenkeng Old Street🏠Information

    As Shenkeng Old Street is roughly 10 minutes drive from downtown Taipei, many people make a half-day trip to Shenkeng during holidays by car. You will know you have arrived at the Old Street when you see the autumn maple tree at the entrance. Visitors can park cars by the entrance and walk to the Old Street. In addition to various dishes made with tofu, you can also try other specialty foods, including green bamboo shoots, black pig pork and boazhong tea. You will be impressed by these tasty foods.